Online basic NMUS course program

Learning objectives
1. To identify the anatomy of the main peripheral nerves of upper and lower limbs
2. To know how to identify a nerve in the ultrasound image using anatomical landmarks
3. To differentiate a nerve from other surrounding structures (tendon, muscle, bone, blood vessels)
4. To identify the common artifacts that can affect the ultrasound image
5. To recognize the parameters that affect ultrasound image and apply them to optimize the ultrasound
6. To understand basic ultrasound physics
7. To identify normal muscle, tendon, fascia, bone, veins, arteries
8. To learn how to trace the main peripheral nerves along their entire courses
9. To recognize the common anatomical variation of peripheral nerves
10. To understand scanning protocols of common focal neuropathies
11. To recognize the muscle sonographic appearance in different neuromuscular disorders
12. To recognize objective barriers in following a peripheral nerve along its entire anatomical course

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