Advanced-Level Neuromuscular Ultrasound Course On Ultrasound-Guided Botulinum Toxin Injection For Spasticity


One of the most important treatment options for spasticity is chemodenervation using Botulinum toxin.
Although guidance of injection via Electrical stimulation and EMG are commonly used, but they have
their own limitations. As an alternative approach, ultrasound guidance proved to be very convenient for
anatomically correct administration of Botulinum toxin into the muscle belly, which is a key element for
successful injection.
This condensed 2-days Advanced-level Neuromuscular Ultrasound Course focuses on ultrasound-guided
Botulinum toxin injection for spasticity. This course is the first neuromuscular ultraosund course in Egypt
to include cadaveric training which gives the participant a unique learning experience. The first day will
include only 2 theoretical lectures that serves the learning objectives of the course and extensive
hands-on training sessions on ultrasound/needle approaches in addition to sonographic identification of
upper & lower limb muscles which is a key element for US-guided muscle injection. The second day will
be totally dedicated to hands-on training on US-guided muscle targeting on cadavers. This unique
training on cadavers will give the participant plenty of time to practice and allows the participant to feel
confident and acquire the skill at ease.

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